Denison School Foundation

October 28, 1996, marked an exciting new venture in the history of the community of Denison, Iowa. On that date the first official meeting of the Denison Educational Foundation was held. The Foundation is a separate entity from the Denison Community School District. It has its own Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, and officers. Elected as the first officers of the Foundation were Diane Norelius, President; Rodger Larson, Vice President; Larry Boeck, Secretary; and Dee Langenfeld, Treasurer. Jim Lohman, local Denison attorney, generously volunteered his time and talents to help in the establishment of the Foundation. Dr. Bill Wright was the superintendent of schools at the time of the Foundation's beginning.

The Foundation's purpose is to function as a nonprofit entity within the meaning of Section 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue code and, as such, to provide support for educational projects or accomplishments and enhance educational opportunities and activities for students of all ages in the community.

The Foundation neither uses nor replaces the tax revenue allotted for education by state and federal governments. Instead, the Foundation raises private funds to supplement these tax dollars to enrich the quality of education in the community.

The Foundation is overseen and guided in all of its endeavors by an independent Board of Trustees. This Board is comprised of farm, business, education, and civic leaders who represent a broad cross section of the community.

All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible, whether derived from individuals, social and civic groups, or businesses and industries. This tax-saving advantage is automatically given to Foundation donors under the Internal Revenue Code.

The goals of the Foundation are to maintain, develop, increase, and extend the facilities and services of the educational community and to provide broader educational opportunities to its students, staff, and residents of the area which it services.

Support for the Denison Community Education Foundation may be arranged through a variety of programs. Most gifts fall into one of these major categories:

Annual Gifts
The mainstay of private support is the annual support of alumni and friends. Existing tax laws encourage annual gifts of cash, securities, or real property; and the contributions may be for designated or undesignated purposes. Undesignated gifts are encouraged so that the foundation can respond to the highest priority needs of the community.

Planned Gifts

Through long-range estate and financial planning, you may make a substantial contribution to the Foundation with bequests, gifts of life insurance, testamentary trusts and life-income trusts.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

An honorary or memorial gift is a thoughtful and meaningful way to recognize the life and work of a colleague, friend, or relative. A special program or project can be initiated in the name of a specific individual, and existing memorial or honorary funds can grow with additional support.

The Denison Community School District has played an important role in the lives of the thousands of students who have graduated. By establishing this Foundation these people have an opportunity to help continue that commitment to educational excellence.

Denison Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Dee Langenfeld, President
  • Mike Pardun, Vice President
  • Scott Larson, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Travis Wessel, Member
  • Sarah Carlson, Member

Anyone interested in donating to The Denison School Foundation may do so by contacting the Denison Community School Superintendent's Office at 819 North 16th Street, Denison, Iowa 51442 Phone 712–263–2176 Fax 712–263–5233

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