Vision of Excellence

We the educators of the Denison Community School District, hold forth this vision of the curriculum of excellence we desire for all our students. We have a dream of a curriculum that is challenging, fosters the attitude of lifelong learning, and is characterized as being: Read More

Iowa Core Parent Guides

The website offers a look at the academic expectations of the Iowa Core standards — or “what” students should know. It also provides performance standards — or “how well” students should perform in certain areas. Additional supplementary resources related to the National Common Core can be found here.

Teacher Instructional Resources

List of instructional resources including:

  • District-wide Resources
  • Elementary Resources
  • Secondary Resources
  • Special Education Resources

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Standards and Benchmarks

Denison is in the process of updating and revising standards, benchmarks, and grade level expectations in all content areas. View current drafts of this work

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is Denison’s calendar-based tool to plan for curriculum and instruction. Through a collaborative process, teachers and administrators develop a picture of teaching and learning across the district. Mapping has provided the district with the opportunity to eliminate gaps and redundancies in the curriculum; to examine the curriculum for timeliness; to communicate in a common language K-12; to analyze process data; to verify alignment among content, skills, assessments, benchmarks, and standards; and to make informed decisions regarding the professional development needs of staff and the instructional needs of students.

Booster Club Piggy Bank

Our Booster Clubs fuel our programs and benefit our students! From scholarships to cookie receptions, become part of the driving force behind our school.