Third Grade Overview

We will be working on a list of high frequency words for third graders in Rebecca Sitton Spelling. Science will include the study of plants and animals, and how they are important to us. We will also study the properties of light, and changes that occur in our earth. Nutrition and good health will also be studied.

Social Studies includes a study of our community. We will recognize the importance of rules, laws, and ways to be better citizens. We will be learning map skills and how to apply them.

Third graders will be introduced to cursive handwriting using the Palmer Method. Lower case letters will be taught first, followed by the upper case letters.

Students will be expected to master 100 addition problems in five minutes and 100 subtraction problems in six minutes. We will be adding and subtracting up to four digit numbers with and without regrouping. Students will be introduced to multiplication and division facts. We will be telling time to the minute using a face clock. We will count money using coins and bills up to ten dollars. Additional skills include measurement, fractions, and geometry.

Children will be given numerous opportunities to express themselves through writing. Capitalization, punctuation, and word usage skills will be taught through daily oral language and in conjunction with writing activities.

Our reading program will consist of whole class literature books and small group guided reading books. The major focus of our program is to help children love reading, to see reading as useful, and to develop the knowledge and experience they need to become successful readers.

Booster Club Piggy Bank

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