Kindergarten Overview

During the child's year in kindergarten he/she will be learning many things in the areas of academics, physical development, socialization, and emotional development. Academic areas will include math, pre–reading, science, and social studies.

Math skills to be covered include grouping, sorting, patterning, numbers, shapes, money, time, and measurement.

Pre–reading activities involve learning the letter names and their sounds, writing on a daily basis, and having exposure to a wide range of literature.

Science concepts will be covered through a variety of units and might include areas such as animals, plants, weather, and include experiments and activities.

Social studies curriculum will include concepts about community helpers and neighborhoods, and try to give value to all cultures and people.

Children will develop physically through recess and physical education classes where they develop large motor control and through manipulative activities to develop fine motor control.

A large part of kindergarten is socialization where we learn to take turns, share, use polite manners and understand how to work as a part of a group. Finally, your child will develop emotionally by displaying self–confidence and control.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents of kindergarten students are required to provide the school with the child's birth certificate and immunization record.

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