Fourth Grade Overview

The fourth grade language arts program is a balanced program which emphasizes the writing process and language skills. Just as children learn to walk and talk, they must learn to write. A polished piece of writing is the result of many prior steps in the process. Students will create poems, newspapers, journal entries, and many other types of writing this year. Friendly letter writing is also another important part of the fourth grade curriculum. The students will discover many authentic reasons for writing letters this year. Daily Oral Language is another component of the language arts program. Rules of grammar are reviewed with short, interesting examples. Dictionary and thesaurus skills are also practiced.

The fourth grade math curriculum focuses on problem solving skills and strategies. Basic addition and subtraction facts are reviewed and related to mental math strategies so that students can use math efficiently. While working on their multiplication and division facts, the students are taught single and double digit multiplication and long division. Place value, measurement, time, fractions, decimals, and geometry also help students to communicate mathematically. Daily review math sheets are also incorporated into our course of study.

Fourth grade students will be involved in a literature based reading program. Large group reading, guided reading, individual reading, and listening to literature are the four components in our program. Comprehension skills will be the focus of instruction. All students will be expected to earn at least 15 points per month in the Reading Counts Program.

Other selected books are included in the regular curriculum incorporating a balanced approach to reading. It is recommended that each student read a minimum of 20 minutes daily to further ensure reading success.

A hands-on approach is emphasized in fourth grade science. Areas of study include:

  • Simple and compound machines
  • Properties of sound
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Oceans

The fourth grade social studies curriculum examines rain forests, deserts, Iowa History, map skills, and mountains. Places in the United States are discussed and beginning research methods are implemented. Daily Oral Geography is another part of our curriculum.

Homework activity sheets will be sent home daily. We ask that each child attempt to answer the questions. Answers will be discussed the following day.

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